A Prison Cell-Sized Room Designed by the Inmates Who Live in Them

If necessity is the mother of invention, prison cells must be veritable hotbeds of creativity—and not just for making wine in toilets or tattoo guns from Bic pens and guitar strings. According to three Italian designers who've been holding design workshops with prisoners since 2003, the incarcerated are brilliant… »4/22/13 9:05am4/22/13 9:05am


10 Inspiring Objects from Salone del Mobile, the Center of the Design Universe

Salone del Mobile limped to a close last week, with tons of shade being thrown at exhibitors by big-name critics who say it's "changed." Yep, the glitziest, most-hyped design week of the year—informally nicknamed Salone del Marketing—has definitely changed. Chalk it up to the protracted recession most of Europe is… »4/15/13 4:07pm4/15/13 4:07pm