Here's How All That Winter Road Salt Is Made

Road salt has been a point of contention lately, what with all this wintry weather. If you live in a snowy climate, you're probably used to seeing warehouses and dump trucks full of the stuff. But where does all that ice-melting goodness come from? National Geographic brings us this fascinating, oddly soothing video… » 2/20/14 6:00pm 2/20/14 6:00pm

Take a Street View Tour of an Underground Chapel Built Out of Salt

If opulent isn’t an adjective you’d immediately associate with the mining profession, then you’ve clearly never had a peek inside Poland’s Wieliczka Salt Mine. The subterranean marvel (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) has been operational since the first shafts were dug way back in the 13th century, but the decor has… » 9/10/13 3:40pm 9/10/13 3:40pm

Salt Meter Tells You If Your Dinner Is Going To Slowly Kill You

By now we all know that too much salt is bad for you. Excess salt intake leads to high blood pressure, which leads to all kinds of terrible things. But salt is in pretty much every processed food out there, and even the most ardent label reader can't divine how much sodium chloride is in the soup at the town diner.… » 8/01/13 6:20pm 8/01/13 6:20pm

Artist Creates (And Destroys) Drawings From Thousands of Pounds of Salt

There are plenty of artists who have spent the majority of their careers devoted to a single unlikely medium: For James Turrell, it’s light. For El Anatsui, it’s soda tabs. But for Motoi Yamamoto, a 47-year-old Japanese artist whose two latest shows recently opened recently at Mint Museum and the Monterey Museum of Art » 7/08/13 5:33pm 7/08/13 5:33pm