Two Great Samsung Android Phones Are Free at Best Buy

If the price at which you'd even remotely consider trying an Android handset is "zero," well, you're out of excuses. Today and tomorrow, Verizon's Samsung Fascinate and AT&T's Samsung Captivate are both free with a two-year contract. They're good! Although be forewarned that Bing is Fascinate's default search engine.… »4/29/11 11:20am4/29/11 11:20am

Verizon Folks Can Enter Galaxy S Tomorrow With Samsung Fascinate

Samsung's Galaxy S line of phones—all essentially the same, marched out across a gamut of carriers—is set to hit Verizon. The 1Ghz, Android 2.1-powered Samsung Fascinate will cost $200 on-contract after (after a dreaded $100 mail-in rebate), and you can pick one up tomorrow online, or in stores on September 9th. Like… »9/07/10 8:58am9/07/10 8:58am