Samsung Galaxy S II Has More GPU Firepower Than Any Android Device

Anandtech benchmarked Samsung's refreshed Galaxy S II phone over the weekend and discovered that its Mali-400 quad-core GPU contained within its EXYNOS chipset is not only powerful, but nearly 2x faster than any other Android device—phone or tablet. » 9/12/11 10:40am 9/12/11 10:40am

Samsung Galaxy S II: A First Draft of Your Next Android Phone

At this point, Android phones are officially being created faster than human babies. Samsung's Galaxy phones have been the blueprint for the last year, literally. The Galaxy S II is the new blueprint—and it's a very nice one. » 7/05/11 2:00pm 7/05/11 2:00pm

Pictures of Samsung's Slippery Galaxy S Tablets Squirt Out Hours Before …

Is no product sacred at this year's MWC show, due to start in just a few short hours? I only ask because photos of the Galaxy S II and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab have appeared, showing off that sch-a-weet Honeycomb UI. » 2/13/11 10:40am 2/13/11 10:40am