Verizon Stopped Samsung Glyde Sales Because of an "Issue"?

This is mighty curious. According to this very legit-looking image distributed to a Verizon customer service call center, Verizon either briefly stopped or planned/plans to stop sales of the Samsung Glyde because of "an issue." Whether or not they actually went through with pulling the phones is a mite unclear, though… » 10/28/08 11:59am 10/28/08 11:59am

Samsung U940 Glyde Officially Glides Onto Verizon

After months of unofficial teasing (and well over a year of hanging out overseas) Samsung's U940 Glyde is finally official for Verizon. Besides going all CDMA/EV-DO, the former F700 touchscreener with a QWERTY keyboard packs GPS, a full HTML browser, a gimped 2MP camera, VCAST and all the usual stuff like Bluetooth… » 5/08/08 1:22am 5/08/08 1:22am

Samsung U940 Glyde Accessories Show Up on Verizon's Site

If all of the past stuff indicating the Samsung Glyde (u940) was on its way to Verizon wasn't enough for you, doubting Thomas, these accessories for it on Verizon's public site should pretty much clinch the deal. [VZW, Thanks Josh!] » 5/07/08 1:50pm 5/07/08 1:50pm