Hands On Samsung's Galaxy i7500 Android Haptic Smartphone

The Galaxy i7500—Samsung's Android handset—is one of the first major, advanced smartphones to feature haptic feedback. PCWorld managed to get their hands on one and report back with their first impressions. » 6/16/09 9:30pm 6/16/09 9:30pm

Samsung 'Louvre' Is the Omnia Pro

Samsung "revealed" a few handsets today at an event in Singapore, first and foremost confirming that the OLED, WXGA, Windows Mobile Louvre B7610 is, in fact, the rumored Omnia Pro, pictured second from the right. Also present were the already-announced I7500 Android phone, the megapixel-obsessed Pixon 12 and the… » 6/15/09 7:40am 6/15/09 7:40am

Samsung's First Android Phone Creeps Closer to Release

The Samsung i7500, the company's first Android handset, was recently approved by the FCC, which means we're that much closer to seeing the Android line fleshed out a bit. » 5/16/09 8:45pm 5/16/09 8:45pm

First Video of the Samsung I7500 Android Phone

You saw the pictures, you read the spec sheet, and you heard the pitch. But how does Samsung's first Android phone look in motion, while interacting with a Real Live Human? » 4/29/09 4:12am 4/29/09 4:12am

Meet the I7500, Samsung's First Android Phone

Samsung hasn't been shy about their Android ambitions, but they have been extremely vague. Well, here's their first handset, the I7500. With a capacitive AMOLED touchscreen, clean styling, and larger-than-average battery, it looks fantastic. UPDATED » 4/27/09 6:40am 4/27/09 6:40am