Sprint Announces Samsung Instinct HD (By Mistake?)

Hello again Samsung Instinct HD. This time it is Sprint telling us (in its newsletter) that the new phone will have "improved browsing" and better cam. And as we know HD to TV out. Good one Sprint.[Boy Genius Report] » 9/11/09 9:10am 9/11/09 9:10am

Sprint Instinct Firmware Update Includes Non-Crappy Browser

The Instinct firmware update BH29 was pushed out over the air (a cool feature in and of itself) a few days ago, with one main purpose: fixing the browser with an entirely new codebase. Lame page rendering and navigation were our biggest problems » 10/06/08 7:00am 10/06/08 7:00am with the Instinct, so this update is definitely worth exploring. Release…

Question of the Day: Are Smartphones Replacing Standard Phones?

The T-Mobile G1 » 9/23/08 4:00pm 9/23/08 4:00pm sells for a subsidized $179, the iPhone 3G for $199, and even Palm and BlackBerry have popular smartphones aimed at consumers. This proves regular people want email, music, a little web and some mapping. The question is, are all killing the market for regular phones? Will "feature" phones with similar…

Dealzmodo: RadioShack Selling Samsung Instinct For $100 During Labor…

If you are interested in getting your hands on a Samsung Instinct, RadioShack has announced that they will be offering an exclusive $100 price on the phone to celebrate its launch across their 4,400 stores. The Instinct is easily Sprint's best phone, but it is available only to new Sprint users who sign up for a… » 8/28/08 6:30pm 8/28/08 6:30pm

Sprint Drops Samsung Instinct Price Again: Now $129 After Rebate

Sprint is trying to set some kind of sales record with its exclusive Samsung Instinct: The fun little don't-call-it-an-iPhone feature phone goes on sale June 20 priced at $129 after a $100 mail-in rebate. A week ago, we reported that the price had fallen from $299 to $199. Honestly, I can safely say there's no good… » 6/18/08 9:23am 6/18/08 9:23am

Sprint's Samsung Instinct Now Costs $199 After Rebate

We previously heard that the Samsung Instinct was going to be $299 after rebate on Sprint-not too bad a price for what we said was the best Sprint and best Samsung phone ever. Turns out the iPhone 3G's $199 reveal sent Sprint back to their abacuses, which they used diligently to come up with an extra $100 mail-in… » 6/11/08 7:36pm 6/11/08 7:36pm

Samsung Instinct Review: Best Sprint or Samsung Phone Ever

Despite what we and other media have hinted at, despite what Sprint itself is spending a lot of money trying to convey, the Samsung Instinct is not an iPhone killer. To be sure, Samsung and Sprint borrowed liberally from the iPhone playbook when it came to look and feel. But the comparison itself isn't fair: The… » 6/08/08 8:00pm 6/08/08 8:00pm

Sprint's Samsung Instinct Hitting Retail June 20

Lining up with the teaser site's "late June" release, Sprint just confirmed to us that its iPhone-slaying Instinct will be hitting retail on June 20. Which is after WWDC, when we're expecting the 3G iPhone to be announced. Guess we'll see how much wind it takes out of the Instinct's um, sales. [Sprint] » 5/22/08 2:38pm 5/22/08 2:38pm

Giz Explains: An Easy Primer on GPS

In this week's Giz Explains, we're doing a quick rundown of a sweet technology that has evolved from a (deadly) serious military application to becoming a household utility, found in all kinds of gadgets: GPS. » 5/21/08 2:00pm 5/21/08 2:00pm

Video: Samsung Instinct Lets You Browse Web Pages with Tilt Navigation…

Click to view Samsung Instinct, second pass, this time in a room with real lighting! Besides learning that it'll come out for under $300, we took another look at the web browser, which we weren't super impressed with earlier, partially because its slick, headlining interface feature—panning through a website by… » 4/02/08 12:05am 4/02/08 12:05am

Sprint's Samsung Instinct First Hands On and iPhone Sizemodo (UPDATED:…

Click to viewSprint's Instinct is so special the carrier is holding its own super special event. Unfortunately, it hasn't quite finished baking, so the full feature set wasn't entirely ready to go—we had to visit different "stations" to check out each feature individually to keep us from diving too deep. The… » 4/01/08 4:56pm 4/01/08 4:56pm

Sprint's Samsung Instinct: At Last, a Decent iPhone Competitor

Samsung's Instinct may be the best stab at the coveted title of iPhone killah this CTIA. The 3.1-inch touchscreen phone has localized haptic feedback, plus three hard navigation keys. If it sounds familiar, it's because we've seen versions of it before, but only in Korea. Mind you, this is not the LG Prada-ripoff… » 4/01/08 12:00pm 4/01/08 12:00pm