Samsung's Laptop Webcams Will Shoot 1080p Video

To my knowledge the only fullHD webcams available are external ones—so Samsung's CMOS sensors could prove a hit for people not wanting to fork out extra for a webcam. True, you'd have to buy a Samsung laptop though... » 4/08/10 3:21am 4/08/10 3:21am

Samsung Releasing Laptops Into the U.S. of A.

Years after selling notebooks in Asia and Europe, Samsung has finally braved the jump to the U.S. market. The company will be releasing five different notebook lines to North America, including its pretty little 10-inch netbook for $499 » 10/14/08 1:45am 10/14/08 1:45am and the starting at $1,599. Other lines include their Q-series all-purpose…