Samsung Omnia on Verizon Wireless Now $50 Cheaper at $200

Apparently we weren't the only ones a little baffled by the pricing of VZW's Omnia—after being available for only six days, the price has dropped down to $200 (with the same $70 rebate and two-year contract), bringing it even with the Blackberry Storm. We're still only seeing the Omnia being a must-have for Windows… »12/01/08 11:00am12/01/08 11:00am

Next Month on Verizon: Samsung Omnia, HTC Touch Pro and More

If the BlackBerry Storm isn't quite your beat, Verizon's got a surprisingly sturdy brigade of other phones coming out next month, headlined by Samsung's Omnia and HTC's Touch Pro (sorry, XV6850—why won't you just let HTC be, Verizon?). The Omnia's keeping the same crappy UI, but it'll be tarted up red, the way VZW… »10/24/08 1:30pm10/24/08 1:30pm

Samsung Omnia Smartphone Coming to Verizon This Year?

According to a rebate document that popped up on Howard Forums, the Samsung Omnia may be heading to the Verizon network sometime this year. The WinMo phone had previously been Europe and Asia only, but this supposed $70 rebate (valid through November 15th), is the first possible evidence of US infiltration. The Omnia… »10/15/08 4:10pm10/15/08 4:10pm

Samsung "Announces" Omnia Cellphone on the Worst Day Ever

It's not that the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional-based 3G Samsung Omnia is not a good phone. In fact, we already knew that it looks very good. It's just that today, dear Samsung people, today is just not the right day to announce any cellphone, even if you think that telling us official details of an already-leaked… »6/09/08 4:12am6/09/08 4:12am