Bluetooth-Friendly Samsung YP-T9B Fondled, Dropped on Video

The Samsung YP-T9B portable media player draws plenty attention to itself because of its built-in Bluetooth support. Lucky them, the gang at Shiny-Shiny already have a video review. Highlights include our lovely pussy cat dropping the unit ("it's not breakable!"), referencing the rumored Samsung music store and… » 1/26/07 2:00pm 1/26/07 2:00pm

Samsung YP-T9B Now in Korea, We Have Pricing

We've been teasing you with bits of information about the Samsung YP-T9B digital audio player, where we heard it was first seen in China last week. Now it's been sighted in Korea, where the diminutive music player with a flash-based graphical interface and 1.8-inch display will be available in 1GB ($180), 2GB ($220),… » 9/19/06 9:12am 9/19/06 9:12am

Samsung YP-T9B On Its Way: Tiny, Video-Playing with Bluetooth, Too

While fanboys fawn over iPods with their short feature list, Samsung brings the IP-T9B, the little MP3 player that could, stoked with stuff that everybody really wanted Steve Jobs to announce at Tuesday's love feast: video playback (although it's only 15 frames per second at 208 x 176 on a 1.8 inch screen),… » 9/15/06 9:30am 9/15/06 9:30am