Time-lapse video captures the terrifying speed of the San Diego fires

This time-lapse video shot yesterday near Escondido—in San Diego county—captures the terror of seeing an uncontrollable forest fire coming towards you. What you are seeing here happened in only two and a half hours. The video stops as the 1000-acre fire closed in and the evacuation began at the brewery where it was… »5/16/14 9:40pm5/16/14 9:40pm


A New Bridge Will Let You Walk From San Diego to the Tijuana Airport

San Diego's airport has been too small for almost a hundred years—the city made its first plans for a replacement back in 1923. Now, after decades of failed expansion plans, private investors are slated to begin construction on their own solution: Build a pedestrian bridge to the nearest airport... in Mexico. The… »12/03/13 1:00pm12/03/13 1:00pm