Lego's tiny Tatooine playset includes an adorable mini Sandcrawler

Lego has just released some official photos of its upcoming Tatooine Mini-build playset. And like the Lego SHIELD Helicarrier, the miniature 178-piece set includes microfigure versions of Luke Skywalker, C3PO, R2-D2, and a pair of Jawas—just look at how adorably tiny they are. » 4/16/15 5:40pm 4/16/15 5:40pm

Behold the New 3,296-piece Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler!

This is definitely the Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler I was looking for. It's not as massive as the fan built vehicle that every Lego and Star Wars nerd in the world wanted, but with all its moving mechanism and seven minifigs, it's a must have. Its character and construction seems well resolved. Check out the pictures… » 3/08/14 1:40am 3/08/14 1:40am