Every Webpage From the 1995 Movie The Net

To say the 1995 movie The Net is a classic would be…an overstatement. The Irwin Winkler film starring Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam, and Dennis Miller didn't have the best reception when it came out, and over time it's gotten a reputation as a very schlocky paranoid thriller (in reality, it's probably become more… »6/18/14 6:41pm6/18/14 6:41pm


Astronaut explains why the underwear in Gravity was unrealistic

It's not the visuals. Awesome astronaut Chris Hadfield told Conan that Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity perfectly captured the spectacular beauty of space. This is a man who actually spacewalked, people! We gotta trust his opinion since we'll probably never see space. But one thing that wasn't realistic? Sandra Bullock's… »11/11/13 11:16pm11/11/13 11:16pm