The Roller Coaster That Sandy Dumped Into the Ocean Is Being Torn Down

While most of the world has moved on since Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc late last October, countless communities are still reeling and recovering from its utter devastation. And today, the Jet Star roller coaster of Seaside Heights, NJ, one of the more iconic landmarks from Sandy, is being laid to rest for good. » 5/14/13 1:00pm 5/14/13 1:00pm

The Complete Story of Sandy: a Timeline of Horror and Recovery

This time it was no hype. Sandy rampaged through New York, New Jersey and the rest of the Northeast. The damage has been enormous: more than a hundred dead, massive flooding everywhere, collapsed buildings, generator malfunctions in hospitals, multiple fires, city-wide blackouts and explosions in power plants. » 11/04/12 8:10pm 11/04/12 8:10pm

Flood Destruction in Staten Island Could Be Much Worse than We Think (Updated)

Post-Sandy conditions on Staten Island are both horrific and tragically underreported-many have died in mass flooding, either unwilling or unable to evacuate in time. Now we're getting reports that the casualties have become so bad that Egbert Intermediate School near Midland Beach has been turned into a makeshift… » 11/01/12 5:53pm 11/01/12 5:53pm

The National Hurricane Center Totally Nailed the Sandy Forecast

The National Hurricane Center saw Hurricane Sandy coming from thousands of miles away, which is why authorities were able to effect evacuations before it devastated New York and New Jersey. Despite the storm's bizarre trajectory, NHC's track forecasts were off by average error of only 48 miles, a full two days ahead… » 11/01/12 3:34pm 11/01/12 3:34pm