Motorola Splits Into Two Companies, But That Just Means They'll Be More Streamlined And Focused

Just as Motorola was getting its act together and releasing brilliant hardware after years of, well, dirge, they're now splitting down the middle into two independent companies—on one side the phone division, the other, wireless networking. Don't glare at your Droid and vow to never put more money into Motorola,… »2/12/10 5:42am2/12/10 5:42am

Motorola's "Focus On Android" Won't Yield an Actual Phone Before Christmas 2009

So yesterday, Motorola comes out with some optimistic sounding news (well, unless you're getting the axe) of streamlining the operation and shifting focus to Android »10/30/08 10:01am10/30/08 10:01am, an OS that is built specifically for its relative ease to bring to market. And then, one day later on their quarterly earnings call (in which they…

Motorola Insider Blame Game: Engineers Shoved Designers Aside

These days, most in-the-know folks would sooner eat glass than carry a Motorola phone. The company has shredded its reputation by failing to address basic interface design issues: freeze-prone software, head-scratching menus, keys that demand Herculean strength. It's baffling that such a venerable company could build… »8/20/08 11:00am8/20/08 11:00am