Sansa Clip+ Review: Big Sound, Tiny Body

Sandisk's Sansa Clip has been the preferred cheap mp3 player for audiophiles for awhile now, and the Clip+ improves on the original in price, design, capacity and features. Basically, this is the best trash mp3 player around.
» 9/03/09 8:20pm 9/03/09 8:20pm

Zero-Cost Gadget Upgrades For the Next Great Depression

» 10/07/08 2:30pm 10/07/08 2:30pm

Hanging out at sites like Giz may have instilled in you an insatiable, pocket-emptying gadget habit. But now we're entering a new era-the old guys on the TV are saying that soon we may not even have pockets, let alone money for them. Don't panic though: You've probably got a wealth of gadgetry sitting… » 10/07/08 2:30pm 10/07/08 2:30pm

Sansa Fuze Turns Up at Amazon

The Sansa Fuze, which we heard word of earlier, has just turned up at Amazon. The listing confirms the PMP will have a 1.9" screen, voice recording function (that works via the built-in microphone), microSD/microSDHC slot and will offer support for MP3, WMA and MPEG-4 encoded content. Retailing at $99 for a 4GB edition, … » 3/09/08 9:30pm 3/09/08 9:30pm

NBC Jumps Into SanDisk's Fanfare TV Download Service

Though you can no longer buy episodes of "The Office," "Heroes" or "30 Rock" on iTunes, you will be able to purchase them in January from SanDisk's Fanfare service. Of course, if you recall, you can't download the shows to your computer. You will have to watch them on the $100 to $150 SanDisk Sansa TakeTV, which has some… » 12/11/07 10:10am 12/11/07 10:10am

32GB ScanDisk Sansa View on the Way?

The recently released Sansa View may already in line for an upgrade if some leaked info on the ScanDisk website is anything to go by. The link revealed listings for devices with 8, 16 and 32GB capacities with the high end price topping out at $330. And since a 32GB Sansa View does not currently exist, we can only… » 10/23/07 7:35pm 10/23/07 7:35pm

SanDisk Sansa TakeTV and Fanfare Video Service Beta Reviewed (Verdict: …

Over the weekend, blabbed on SanDisk's Sansa TakeTV, formerly previewed as USB TV. Now available, the TakeTV mobile video player will cost $100 for 4GB and $150 for 8GB. also mentioned the Fanfare video service, now in beta. It just so happens we got to play around with both, shoot some galleries and… » 10/22/07 3:00am 10/22/07 3:00am

SanDisk PR Spokesperson Vows to Shave Head if Zune Is #2 This Christmas

SanDisk PR spokespeaker Carmella Lyman just promised to ZDNet Writer David Berlind that she'd shave her hair if the Zune was #2 in the portable media player market after this Christmas. According to NPD group, Microsoft's currently ranked 4th place with 3%, and SanDisk is in 2nd place with 10%. If the Zune really was… » 10/09/07 5:40pm 10/09/07 5:40pm

SanDisk Reinvents 16GB Sansa View as Price-Slashed Nano Killer

SanDisk killed off its original Sansa View, a flash-endowed PMP shown at CES, and today announced that it is giving the name to a super-slim 16GB video and music player that will cost $199. It's no coincidence that this is twice the memory of Apple's new 8GB nano—at the same price.

» 9/10/07 7:00am 9/10/07 7:00am

SanDisk's Sansa Connect Gets $100 Price Drop

The Sansa Connect Wi-Fi-enabled player we saw earlier this year is already getting a $100 price drop down to the pretty awesome price of $149. If you remember, the 4GB player lets you share your music with strangers like the Zune does, but it also lets you download unlimited Yahoo music right from the device as well.… » 8/15/07 5:20pm 8/15/07 5:20pm

Pandora's Zing-Powered Wi-Fi Prototype

In addition to all of the Sprint and Sonos goodies we broke before Pandora's press conference last night, we mentioned the company would show off a Zing-powered Wi-Fi prototype. TechCrunch managed to shoot a few pics of it, and we were right: it was built by SanDisk, so it naturally looks like the Sansa Connect, only… » 5/23/07 12:35pm 5/23/07 12:35pm