8GB Sansa Clips Make iPod Shuffles Seem Juvenile

Perfect for those who need a small device for music on-the-go, the Sansa Clip from SanDisk is very much like the iPod Shuffle with its compact size and its ability to clip onto belt, purses and clothing. However, what makes the Sansa Clip stand out—and what the iPod Shuffle could benefit from—is it produces more bang… » 11/11/08 10:00pm 11/11/08 10:00pm

SanDisk Sansa Clip Gets Silvery, Goes F'n Nuts: 4GB for $80 (Update:…

What Up: SanDisk's Sansa Clip update is on the money: Storage capacity bumped to 4GB, and it's only 80 bucks, an awesome mp3-player dollars-to-data ratio. Plus, the new silver sheen makes the old black plastic Clip look positively uncivilized. What Blows: The battery life only eeks past "decent" at 15 hours. » 1/07/08 1:25pm 1/07/08 1:25pm