Gigantic Car-Dispensing Claw Game Is a Hotel-Sized Projection

I'm sorry Santa Claw. While you entertained guests at the Gizmodo Gallery, I'm afraid the official title of biggest claw game in the world now belongs to GM with this giant playable projection they created to hock the Chevy Sonic. » 12/30/11 5:30pm 12/30/11 5:30pm

4-Year-Old Girl Winning a Ball With the Santa Claw Is So Delightful I…

I can't believe the incredible joy this little girl experiences when she wins a ball from Gizmodo Gallery's Santa Claw. DON'T WORRY LITTLE GIRL! SANTA CLAW WILL SEND YOU A BALL BECAUSE YOU ARE THE SPECIALEST GIRL OF THE HOLIDAYS EVER. » 12/09/11 4:40pm 12/09/11 4:40pm

Watch Eclectic Method Perform at Gizmodo Gallery LIVE at 8:30PM

Show's over! Tonight night we're celebrating the launch of Gizmodo Gallery with an opening party, and we've invited A/V remix maestros the Eclectic Method to shower us with their electronic weirdness-and you can watch the performance at 8:30pm LIVE from the Gizmodo Gallery Santa Claw feed. » 12/05/11 7:25pm 12/05/11 7:25pm

Play with Gizmodo Gallery's Santa Claw and Win Prizes RIGHT NOW

After a very long weekend of installation, the mammoth Santa Claw is ready to go at Gizmodo Gallery. Beginning immediately, you can play the mother of all claw games online and win prizes for yourself and visitors to the gallery. » 12/05/11 10:16am 12/05/11 10:16am