'Handcar Regatta' Rail Race Is a Terrifying Steampunk Orgy

This week saw the commencement of the first annual Handcar Regatta race, in which over a dozen teams took to the rails in a ridiculous variety of human-powered steampunk machinery. The event wasn't so much a race as it was a showcase of overwrought vehicle design, taking inspiration from everything from hamster wheels… » 9/30/08 5:25am 9/30/08 5:25am

Intel Santa Rosa Successor "Montevina" Knighted as "Centrino 2"

Four of Intel's mobile chipsets—including its most recent and well-known, Santa Rosa—have been Centrino as far as your mom is concerned. To help us keep things a little straighter and make it obvious they're actually updating stuff, Intel's upcoming Penryn-oriented mobile chipset, Montevina, which'll be pushing Santa… » 2/18/08 4:00am 2/18/08 4:00am

Apple Takes Cheap Laptops to Santa Rosa

Guess those rumors were true about impending MacBook updates. Apple didn't make a big deal about it, but right under everyone's noses the company's upgraded its popular MacBook laptops, finally goosing them up to the Santa Rosa architecture with GMA X3100 integrated video, giving those graphics a sprightly new lease… » 11/01/07 7:32am 11/01/07 7:32am

Leopard Drivers Hint at Low- or Mid-Priced Santa Rosa MacBooks

While we know that Apple will eventually roll the Intel Santa Rosa chipset down through all of its laptops, there are surely a faithful few who feel their weekly pilgrimages to the Apple Store aren't being properly appreciated by Lord Jobs. But new Leopard driver evidence nearly proves that Apple does have Santa Rosa » 10/29/07 9:05am 10/29/07 9:05am

Lenovo Cranking Out Energy Star 4.0 Qualified Laptops Early

The Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star 4.0 revision hits July 20th, but Lenovo isn't worried about making the cut. Three days before the revision, Lenovo plans to have the T61p, its first Energy Star 4.0 configured machine, out on shelves. The T61p won't skimp on power to save energy, either. It has a suite… » 7/10/07 10:40am 7/10/07 10:40am

Santa Rosa MacBook Pro's Have a 1.3MP Camera Inside

The crafty folks over at Mac Daddy World discovered that the new MacBook Pro's have a different iSight inside. The new version, manufactured by Micron, outputs images to a much improved 1280x1024. Although iApps, like iChat, don't yet take advantage of the increased resolution they're still stuck in VGA. But an… » 6/27/07 6:20pm 6/27/07 6:20pm

Sony Reveals Hidden Stash of VAIO CR Santa Rosa Notebooks

If Sony's last crop of notebooks proved to be too rich for your blood, their new VAIO CR series might be what you're looking for. For starters, they're based on Intel's Santa Rosa platform, so we're talking the latest tech here. They have 14.1-inch (WXGA) screens, which means you won't go blind trying to read text,… » 6/11/07 8:01am 6/11/07 8:01am

New Apple MacBook Pros with LED-Backlit Display

At last, here are the new Santa Rosa-based Apple MacBook Pros, loaded with faster Core 2 Duo processors. Same design but with LED-backlit LCD screens, increased processor speeds, more memory and zoomtastic NVIDIA 8600M GT graphics at the same $1,999 and $2,499 prices. And all this shaving 0.4 pounds off its weight.… » 6/05/07 9:07am 6/05/07 9:07am

Santa Rosa-based iMacs with Brushed Metal Frame on the Horizon?

Call it wishful thinking, but the folks at 9 to 5 Mac are reporting that Apple's new iMacs (which they say will debut at WWDC) will pack Intel's Santa Rosa technology and come in sizes larger than the current 24-inch model. Both are pretty safe assumptions, but what they'll look like is up in the air. Will they have… » 6/04/07 9:15am 6/04/07 9:15am

Lenovo T61 Thinkpad's Magnesium Rollcage == Wolverine's Bones

It has come to my attention that the T and the R series Thinkpads, which were leaked by specs last month, have gnarly magnesium roll cages that remind me of Wolverine's reinforced adamantium skeleton. I've always been a Thinkpad fanboy. And while most of the other PC makers are handling this Santa Rosa launch with… » 5/09/07 12:20pm 5/09/07 12:20pm