Samsung Aura R70 Preview Brings More Santa Rosa Goodness From Korea [verdict: "it's a complete bargain"]

Santa Rosa this, Santa Rosa that, Santa Rosa in the soup, Santa Rosa-o-rama. Except you know who, everyone and their dogs keep pumping out new Santa Rosa-equipped laptops. Here's the glossy black Aura R70, another one from Samsung today, directly from Korea. Trusted Reviews has been able to grab a pre-production unit… »5/09/07 8:25am5/09/07 8:25am

Vicious New Santa Rosa's LG X-Note Laptops Throw Exclusive Party with Korean Nymphs

According to the Far East wires, a group of vicious LG X-Note laptops powered by Intel Santa Rosa chipsets have been seen in a Korean park while enjoying an exclusive picnic with two young cyborg nymphs. Two of the bigger notebook computers respond to the names of LG X-Note R500 and E500 (aka Biff and Joey Four… »5/08/07 12:14pm5/08/07 12:14pm