Sony VAIO FZ: Burns Blu-ray Discs, Looks Like a MacBook

Some days it just feels like Groundhog Day. With Santa Rosa popping in more places than the Virgin Mary today, each post feels exactly like that and here's the Sony VAIO FZ to prove it. Not only it has the already-sickening brand new Intel chipset, but it was leaked at the beginning of the month. » 5/09/07 5:00pm 5/09/07 5:00pm

Samsung Aura R70 Preview Brings More Santa Rosa Goodness From Korea…

Santa Rosa this, Santa Rosa that, Santa Rosa in the soup, Santa Rosa-o-rama. Except you know who, everyone and their dogs keep pumping out new Santa Rosa-equipped laptops. Here's the glossy black Aura R70, another one from Samsung today, directly from Korea. Trusted Reviews has been able to grab a pre-production unit… » 5/09/07 8:25am 5/09/07 8:25am

Toshiba Full HD Qosmio G40 comes with Santa Rosa and HD-DVD-R

The gigantastic high-definition Toshiba Qosmio G40 someone leaked last month is out in Japan and soon it will be available all over the world. As expected, it comes along with the Qosmio F40 just in time to join all that hot Santa Rosa action from LG, Samsung and HP. » 5/09/07 6:56am 5/09/07 6:56am

Vicious New Santa Rosa's LG X-Note Laptops Throw Exclusive Party with…

According to the Far East wires, a group of vicious LG X-Note laptops powered by Intel Santa Rosa chipsets have been seen in a Korean park while enjoying an exclusive picnic with two young cyborg nymphs. Two of the bigger notebook computers respond to the names of LG X-Note R500 and E500 (aka Biff and Joey Four… » 5/08/07 12:14pm 5/08/07 12:14pm