Old School Phones Can Still Teach Us a Thing About Cable Management

If you haven't replaced your plethora of old Apple dock connector cables with fancy new Lightning cords, you might want to consider Sanwa's alternative before you do. Even though cellphones have all but replaced old-school phones with tethered handsets, those 'outdated' models can apparently still teach us something… »6/03/13 2:54pm6/03/13 2:54pm


Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition Is $150 in February

Traditionally, the name "Madcatz" implies generic, a peripheral that's cheaper than those manufactured by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. But the Madcatz Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition is an ultrapremium controller that will go for an ultrapremium price when it's released on February 20th. $150. But it… »11/26/08 5:20pm11/26/08 5:20pm

Sanwa CD-RE1AT Puts Shine Back on Scuffed-Up CDs, Automagically

CDs and DVDs tend not to last long in my house... but since I just fling them in a pile in the cupboard, that's entirely my fault. The Sanwa CD-RE1AT might be just the ticket, though: it works on 8cm or 12cm CDs, DVDs and BDs. With a push of a button it removes dust, fingerprints and "oily spots" from discs, and with… »7/02/08 3:17am7/02/08 3:17am

Sanwa Numerical Keyboard Mouse, Taxes' Worst Nightmare

This Sanwa numerical keyboard mouse might not rock your world, but we must have at least a handful of accountants in the audience whose jaws just dropped. Featuring a side toggle button "safety." normal use of the mouse is possible without going all speadsheet on Firefox's ass. But once you toggle that button...oh boy… »11/02/07 9:39am11/02/07 9:39am