Watch World's First Waterproof Full HD Camcorder Take the Plunge…

Sanyo's Xacti DMX-CA100 would be a good enough HD camcorder on its own right—a 1/2.33-inch CMOS sensor, 5x optical zoom, 2.7-inch LCD, takes 14MP still pictures—if it weren't also waterproof. But watching it work underwater? That's something else.UPDATE » 6/01/10 9:40pm 6/01/10 9:40pm

Vudu Brings Apps, By The Hundreds, To Big Name TVs and Blu-ray Players

Whoa. This summer we were pretty excited about Vudu bringing Rotten Tomatoes to connected LG hardware. Take that excitement, add hardware from Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba, and Vizio, and multiply it by hundreds of services and you've got Vudu Apps. » 1/06/10 1:33pm 1/06/10 1:33pm