Pogue Reviews Waterproof Cams, Sanyo Xacti E1 Floats Above the Competition

Pogue takes a a few waterproof cams down to the local waterpark for testing and finds Sanyo's 6MP Xacti E1 to be of better image and video quality than the rest. I've always found the Xacti cam's nice, but the low light performance to be lacking. That doesn't matter when you're talking about beach and pool time,… » 7/23/07 7:02pm 7/23/07 7:02pm

Sanyo Xacti E1, World's First Waterproof Camcorder

Click to viewHere's the Sanyo Xacti E1, the world's first waterproof camcorder. You're not going to be taking this $500 camcorder scuba diving, because it can only be taken down to a depth of about 5 feet for an hour at a time, but still, you're not going to need a bulky underwater housing to take this 4.4-inch-tall,… » 5/22/07 10:07am 5/22/07 10:07am