Report: Foxconn Is Building a Display Plant to Make Sapphire Glass

Foxconn is said to be gearing up to produce sapphire glass—the tough screen covering many were expecting to see in the iPhone 6—in a newly purchased plant. » 11/26/14 6:30am 11/26/14 6:30am

Broke Ex-Apple Sapphire Supplier Says Apple Pulled a Bait-and-Switch

When Apple and GT Technologies first struck a deal for GT to produce sapphire for Apple's products, GT announced the deal with excitement. Now that GT has filed for bankruptcy, the company is painting the deal in very a different light. GT COO David Squiller condemned Apple for pulling a "bait and switch" resulting in… » 11/07/14 4:19pm 11/07/14 4:19pm

Apple and Its Sapphire Supplier Have Officially Broken Up

Apple's relationship with GT Advanced Technologies, the company slated to make its sapphire screens, is over. First, GT Advanced filed for bankruptcy, then closed a pair of its plants, and now a settlement has officially freed the company of its exclusivity obligations to Cupertino. » 10/23/14 10:04am 10/23/14 10:04am

GT Advanced Court Filing Reveals Apple's $50 Million Penalty for Leaks

Apple is ordinarily hush hush about its deals with suppliers. But a court filing with GT Advanced, the company that was supposed to supply the Apple Watch's sapphire screens, reveals that Apple would inflict a $50 million penalty for any leak of clandestine product info. Ouch. » 10/13/14 10:07am 10/13/14 10:07am

Apple Sapphire Supplier To Close Two Plants, Lay Off Hundreds of Workers

Apple better have a backup plan for the sapphire screens on its upcoming Apple Watch. The situation with its sapphire partner GT Technology does not look good. The company filed for bankruptcy earlier this week, and now announced plans to close two of its sapphire plants in Arizona and Massachusetts. » 10/10/14 2:09pm 10/10/14 2:09pm

Apple's Sapphire Screen Maker, GT Technologies, Files for Bankruptcy

GT Technologies, the company tapped to make the sapphire screens on the upcoming Apple Watch, has filed for bankruptcy. » 10/06/14 10:48am 10/06/14 10:48am

NYT Confirms Two iPhones, New iWatch Details

The New York Times just published a very authoritative and fairly exciting report on what Apple will be announcing next week. You guessed it: two new iPhones with larger screen sizes and a wearable computer (a.k.a. an iWatch.) But there are plenty of details we hadn't heard yet. » 9/04/14 3:12pm 9/04/14 3:12pm

Report: Apple Will Begin Making a Jewelry-Classified Gadget This Month

We've been following the emergence of Apple's sapphire production plant in Arizona closely this year, since it tells us a lot about the products coming down the line. Now, Mark Gurman reports, filings from Apple indicate that not only is the company manufacturing a new sapphire product this month—it's being… » 8/21/14 1:16pm 8/21/14 1:16pm

Report: Apple's Next iPhone Coming September 9

Re/code's John Paczkowski is reporting that Apple will hold an iPhone event on September 9. This is presumably when the company will announce the iPhone 6. The event also falls almost exactly one year after the last iPhone event. » 8/05/14 1:23pm 8/05/14 1:23pm

iPhone 6 Screen May Not Be Sapphire, Probably Isn't Bow-And-Arrow-Proof

It's summer, which means Apple is probably updating the iPhone soon, which means the iPhone 6 rumor merry-go-round is spinning up. We've heard that Apple might use sapphire for a tougher iPhone screen, but experiments with alleged Apple materials say that might not exactly be the case. » 7/19/14 1:00pm 7/19/14 1:00pm

What's Sapphire Glass, and Why Would Apple Want It In Your iPhone?

If you've been paying any attention to the Internet's ever-whirring rumor mill, you might be under the impression that Gorilla Glass is about to receive some stiff competition from sapphire glass. But what is it, and why does it offer so much promise? » 7/15/14 11:00am 7/15/14 11:00am

Apple Is Putting Pressure on Arizona to Stop the State's Anti-Gay Bill

Apple's got a vested interest in Arizona's future—its newest factory will break ground there in 2015, bringing thousands of jobs to the state. And the company is now advocating for local policy. Today, Apple publicly took a stand against the state's highly controversial proposed anti-gay legislation. » 2/25/14 4:55pm 2/25/14 4:55pm

Apple's Patented Technology Would Make iPhone Virtually Unbreakable

Now that we know all about the latest generation of iPhone(s), it's time to start guessing what Apple's going to do next. This is a time when true fanboys dive into Apple's growing library of patents for clues. And while we can't expect all these patents to make it to market, it's fun to wonder. » 9/12/13 5:40pm 9/12/13 5:40pm

A Sapphire Hard Disk Will Last 1 Million Years (But You Can't Afford It)

Though hard disk drive technology has improved in recent times, you'd be a brave soul indeed to use one for more than a couple of years without backing it up. But now a team of scientists has made a hard disk from sapphire which it claims will last 1 million years—just don't expect to be able to afford it. » 7/13/12 5:53am 7/13/12 5:53am

Single Sapphire Graphics Card Powers Multi-Monitor 3D Gaming

Gaming with goggles? Haven't tried it just yet, though I hear it's coming in our uncomfortable, slightly expensive futures. 3D PC gaming? Even more obscure to me, although Sapphire's single card setup sounds multi-monitor cool. » 6/26/10 6:00pm 6/26/10 6:00pm

The Sapphire Radeon HD 5970 Is Faster Than Every Other Graphics Card

The new Sapphire Radeon HD 5970—based upon the acclaimed ATI HD 5970 chipset—is the new world's fastest graphics card. Its 3DMark Vantage score is an insane 22,000. » 3/03/10 11:47am 3/03/10 11:47am

20 Upcoming HTC Android Devices Mentioned in Leaked ROM

Nestled in the leaked Android 2.1 ROM, 20 new devices are mentioned by name—including those we knew of already (Dragon, Dream, Hero and Passion) but some new friends too, Bahamas, Bravo, DesireC, Espresso, Halo, HeroCT, HeroC, Huangshan, Incredible, Legend, Liberty, Memphis, Paradise, PassionC, Sapphire and… » 12/03/09 9:50am 12/03/09 9:50am

Asus LS201 Resists Crossbow Arrow Impact

If you can believe the video, it looks like the Asus LS201 LCD monitor is not only scratch-proof, but marker-proor, knife-proof, hammer-proof and crossbow-proof. According to Asus, this Jack Bauer of displays can resist anything thanks to a sapphire glass surface that protects its 1,400x1,050-pixel 20-inch LCD. They… » 12/26/07 8:49am 12/26/07 8:49am

Vertu Goes "Budget" With the $6,600 Ascent Ti

We told you about Vertu's Ascent Ti a few months ago when it was found in an FCC filing. Well, it's been a couple of months and the Ascent Ti is finally being released along with official details. So what does $6,628 get you? For starters, a quad-band GSM phone with 3G and a 3MP camera. » 10/02/07 3:41pm 10/02/07 3:41pm

Sapphire's HD 2900 Toxic Kit Cools Your Entire System

Now that ATI has unleashed its new video cards, Sapphire is stepping up to the plate with its forthcoming HD 2900 XT Toxic. The kit pairs two HD 2900 XT cards with a drive-bay-mounted water cooling system designed with its own reservoir, pump and radiator system. What's cool about the system is that it'll provide… » 5/21/07 10:10am 5/21/07 10:10am