Kaplan Introduces SAT Prep for iPod, High-School Kids Everywhere Groan

That's right, kids! Now your iPod (5th Gen) can do more than just play the videos and music you probably stole off of the Internet, you no-contributin'-to-society bum. Now Kaplan is selling SAT test prep programs on iTunes, so you can sit in the corner with your fancy iPod—and learn some vocab, Mister! »6/21/07 11:15am6/21/07 11:15am

DirecTV Sat-Go Impressions (How Much is TV Anywhere Worth to You?)

Earl of DBStalk really loves TV. He (and people like him) is the reason why DirecTV invented this 26-pound satellite TV box that lets you get satellite television anywhere. If you're asking yourself who would actually lug this thing around when they go camping, vacationing, or traveling, you're obviously not in the… »4/02/07 5:10pm4/02/07 5:10pm