Prefix of the Beast: Satan's Home Phone is in Louisiana

The devil has been cast out of in the Allen Parish community of Reeves, Louisiana thanks to a change in their 666 phone prefix. Residents said it was "distasteful" and that it conflicted with their religious beliefs. A new 749 prefix will be delivering the town from evil, and residents must switch their numbers in 90… »12/28/07 6:00pm12/28/07 6:00pm

Intel and Orange County Choppers Create Satan's Motorcycle

Intel and Orange County Choppers combined their mutual know-how and created this monstrosity of a motorcycle—also known as Satan's ride. This isn't the Satan you know, this is the bad-ass futuristic Satan from 2046. The bike has four dual V-twin motors and multiple Intel quad-core processors. What are they for? To… »8/13/07 2:20pm8/13/07 2:20pm