A Satellite Dish Chandelier Shines Light on Outmoded Tech

If you've finally decided to get rid of your satellite TV in favor of just streaming everything, you're going to have some unneeded hardware on your hands. Namely a compact dish that can either be repurposed as a bird bath, or this fantastic chandelier if you can round up a few more from around the neighborhood. » 7/16/13 4:20pm 7/16/13 4:20pm

Sat Chair Hides Your Satellite Dish In Plain Sight

In many high-rise buildings satellite dishes are banned for safety or aesthetic reasons. But since patio furniture is still ok, Sat+ has created a chair-shaped satellite dish secretly giving you hundreds of channels without being hassled by your landlord. » 12/07/11 9:40pm 12/07/11 9:40pm

Teen Glued 5,800 Mirrors Onto Satellite Dish For SOLAR DEATH-RAY

There's something very incongruous about Eric Jacqmain's video where he demonstrates a solar death-ray with the intensity of 5,000 suns (or so he claims)...backed by plip-plop music you'd normally find in a day-spa. » 1/31/11 5:00am 1/31/11 5:00am