Iridium 9555 Moves Satphone Form Factors Two Years Into The Future—To 1999

Satellite phones are still struggling to make it into this decade, design wise, but Iridium's new 9555 is a solid leap forward, with its internalized antenna, speakerphone, improved SMS and email and 30% volume reduction in comparison to its predecessor, the 9505a. It's still a piece Gordon Gekko would feel at home… »10/21/08 9:00am10/21/08 9:00am

Touchscreen Satellite Phone Is as Beautiful as a Normal Cellphone

I could say that Mobile Satellite Ventures' touchscreen offering is nice for a satellite phone. But screw that, this thing just looks nice, period. The L-Series phone is .6 inches thick, slides up to reveal a 0-9 keypad, has Wi-Fi and also works on cellular bands. The strangely familiar interface of the homescreen… »4/04/08 8:30pm4/04/08 8:30pm