Report: AT&T Will Announce DirecTV Purchase Tomorrow

Rumors have been floating around all week that AT&T will purchase DirecTV for a reported $50 billion. Now, BuzzFeed quotes unnamed insiders who say the deal will be officially announced tomorrow, ahead of trading on Monday. The deal would give AT&T access to DirecTV's 20 million subscribers, the largest satellite… »5/17/14 10:53am5/17/14 10:53am


New Dish Network Satellite Launched, More HD Channels On the Way

In order to offer more HD channels, satellite providers need more satellites. So happy day for Dish Network subscribers, their EchoStar XI satellite was successfully launched this morning after a satellite propelled into space last March didn't reach the right orbit. This'll let Dish add 17 new HD channels shortly,… »7/16/08 11:30am7/16/08 11:30am

News Corp. Hires Hacker to Break Into Dish Satellite Network, Steal Security Codes for Pirate Cards

This is classic corporate espionage/sabotage at its finest. Dish Network is accusing News Corp.—which used to have a 39 percent stake in DirecTV and still provides its security tech—of hiring hacker Christopher Tarnovsky to break into Dish's network, steal the security codes, and use them to make pirated cards to… »4/24/08 6:30pm4/24/08 6:30pm

Sirius SCV1 Satellite Tuner Brings Satellite TV to the Car

Sirius' SCV1, also known as Sirius Backseat TV, is their latest product that receives three channels of TV programming as well. The three channels—Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network— are all geared to keep kids entertained in the backseat while you're listening to regular Sirius music in the front seat. The SCV1… »8/15/07 5:01pm8/15/07 5:01pm