Behold the awesome nebulae flybys in this new In Saturn's Rings teaser

Our friends of In Saturn's Rings have a new teaser for their incoming 4K IMAX grand tour of the Universe, made using millions of high definition photographs taken by telescopes and spacecraft. There are no 3D models in these videos. Just photos, animated by 67 volunteers from all over the world. » 9/17/14 7:48pm Wednesday 7:48pm

The 50 Most Amazing Images From a Decade of Orbiting Saturn

Cassini entered Saturn's orbit on July 1st, 2004. And ever since, this NASA-ESA-ASI collaboration has delivered stunning images of the crown jewel of our solar system. The following 50 images were chosen from thousands of similarly great photographs from a full decade of exploring the sixth planet and its iconic ring… » 7/01/14 4:00pm 7/01/14 4:00pm

Simulation of Saturn passing by Earth on a collision course to the Sun

The always cool Yeti Dynamics has released another brilliant scientific simulation: What would Earth's sky look like if Saturn went off its orbit to race into the inner solar system on its way to the Sun and our planet was on its path? I just love these impossible but visually arresting scenarios. » 5/05/14 1:44am 5/05/14 1:44am

You Are Really Lonely When One Of Your Neighbors Is This Close

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has just captured another Pale Blue Dot image while orbiting Saturn. The difference is that, in this view, unlike the one from July 19, 2013, that featured Earth, the blue orb is Uranus, imaged by Cassini for the first time. So that tiny dot hanging out there in the blackness of space is… » 5/02/14 9:44am 5/02/14 9:44am

Wow, scientists reveal a new moon forming on the edge of Saturn's rings

For the first time in history, scientists are witnessing the formation of a new moon in our solar system. NASA's Cassini spacecraft has detected a new moon forming in the edge of Saturn's rings. Astronomers around the world are amazed about this incredible find, which they have named Peggy.* » 4/15/14 12:20pm 4/15/14 12:20pm

New video reveals fascinating details in alienesque hexagon on Saturn

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured the first high definition video of the mysterious Saturn hexagon. It shows some fascinating details and features never observed before. But now, more than even, it looks like some kind of living alien organism looked through a microscope—except it's not, because this monster is… » 12/04/13 11:36pm 12/04/13 11:36pm

This incredible film of Saturn was made with one million still photos

Our friend Val Klavans sent me this teaser trailer for the outstanding In Saturn's Rings, a truly incredible look into the most photogenic planet in the solar system. Please support their Kickstarter project to fund the soundtrack for the film: the recordings of Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" by the Greensboro… » 11/22/13 2:14pm 11/22/13 2:14pm