Back Up Your PlayStation 3 Save Games Online

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get 150MB of online storage space to back up their PS3 saves, meaning if you upgrade to another console (or go to a friend's house), you can still have access to your Killzone 3 progress. What's even better is that it supports "copy-prohibited" save data, the ones where you can't just… » 3/09/11 12:36pm 3/09/11 12:36pm

iSave Faucet Water Counter for your Green Conscience

The iSave is a rather simple gadget that has just clinched the runner-up prize in Metropolis Magazine's 2007 Next Generation Awards. Attach it to either your sink or a showerhead and it will show you just how much water you are using for your morning's ablutions/scrubbing last night's taco melt off your plates.… » 5/10/07 7:18am 5/10/07 7:18am