Webcam Wrapped Up in Antique Disguise, Can Still Shoot Porn for the 00's

Set up this retro webcam on its included tripod, and it looks like you have an old-timey Kodak Brownie camera set up and ready to take some snapshots. Other than its musty old faux leather-wrapped retro looks, it has standard webcam specs, such as 640x480 resolution, USB connectivity and a built-in microphone. Giving… »11/30/07 9:49am11/30/07 9:49am

Smile Measuring Software Helps You Smile To Full Capacity

Don't you hate accidentally smiling at 17% capacity and having no one tell you? Omron has released what they're calling "Smile Measurement Software," which tells you what your smile factor is on a scale of 0 to 100%. The software uses 3D face mapping technology to, "ensure accurate smile detection and measurement even… »9/06/07 11:20pm9/06/07 11:20pm