Samsung SC-MX20 Is YouTube, PMP Friendly With H.264 Shooting

Samsung's SC-MX20 follows up the MX10 with some fairly useful features such as h.264 video mode for better YouTube, iPod, iPhone and PMP compatibility, as well as a max 720x480 resolution for DVD-quality video. It stores up to 16 hours on one 32GB SDHC card, has three hours of battery life (best-in-class they claim?),… »7/09/08 2:45pm7/09/08 2:45pm


Three New Samsung Camcorders In Hi-Def, YouTube-Friendly, and Hybrid DVD-Flash Flavors

Today at its holiday preview in New York, Samsung showed off three camcorders that the company wants to use to jumpstart an industry that has slowed down. These cute, extra shiny devices are keyed into your particular video preference. Want to burn to DVD? Capture in HD? Get it up on the web ASAP? Choose your weapon.

»7/11/07 5:09pm7/11/07 5:09pm