App-Connected Slot Cars Give You Mario Kart-Like Power-Ups and Damage

Who knew that when Super Mario Kart first hit the SNES so many years ago it would have such a lasting effect on us? Even Scalextric, who've been making slot car tracks for decades, are finally introducing a new accessory that wirelessly connects to an app so you can add SMK-like crash damage, power-ups, and even stat… »2/26/14 2:20pm2/26/14 2:20pm


8 Lane Scalextric Slot Racer Track: The Ultimate Team Building Gadget

The 8 Lane Scalextric track from the Events House is being touted as one of the best on the planet-and I don't doubt it. The track is computer controlled and it will keep records of lap times, race winners and championship points. Unfortunately, it is only available to rent for events like team building, promotions,… »6/27/08 4:20pm6/27/08 4:20pm