Raytheon's "Killer Bee" UAV Looks to Sting Boeing in Drone Race

A fierce battle is brewing between Boeing and Raytheon to become the main supplier of unmanned aerial vehicles for the US Navy and Marine Corps. Currently, Boeing holds that title with their battle-tested ScanEagle drone. However, Raytheon's updated Killer Bee design is ready for sale, and the company claims that… »3/13/08 8:00pm3/13/08 8:00pm

ScanEagle Sniffs Biological Threats, Tells When You Have to Start Running

Boeing Phantom Works, the guys who get to do all the awesome planes and play with the alien ships at Area 51, have modified and successfully tested ScanEagle unmanned air vehicles to "intercept, detect and fly through simulated biological plumes or clouds to collect airborne agents." This means that the aircraft above… »3/10/08 4:20pm3/10/08 4:20pm