The Full Sexual Fumblings That Got HP CEO Mark Hurd Fired

It's only been a little over a year since former HP CEO Mark Hurd resigned in a hailstorm of innuendo and disgrace, but—with HP having had two CEOs and a webOS saga since then—it already feels like ancient history. So this, er, blow by blow of sexual harassment charges dug up by AllThingsD? Strictly for you lovers of… » 12/30/11 8:50am 12/30/11 8:50am

Rumor: Rupert Murdoch May Resign As CEO of News Corp

Whoa, all those scandals and that hacking incident must have taken their toll on Rupert Murdoch. CNBC suggests the News Corp CEO may resign his postion and turn over control of the company to COO Chase Carey. [Twitter and Reuters] » 7/18/11 7:59pm 7/18/11 7:59pm

Apple's Already Being Sued Over the iPhone Tracking Scandal

News of the tracking bug in Apple's iPhone and iPads broke only six days ago, but already Apple's been hit with a lawsuit by two customers, with the possibility of it being elevated to class action status. » 4/26/11 6:50am 4/26/11 6:50am

Congress and FCC Also Wanna Know Why Your iPhone's Secretly Tracking…

There was a minor media frenzy over Apple secretly tracking your iPhone 4 today, so naturally the government wants in on the action. The FCC and representatives from both houses of Congress have said they'll look into the matter. » 4/20/11 6:58pm 4/20/11 6:58pm

Former HP CEO Mark Hurd Lands Co-President Job at Oracle

Following Reuters' sources-led report on Oracle offering former HP top man Mark Hurd a job, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed it. Hurd will be co-president of the Oracle brand (reporting to his public supporter CEO Larry Ellison), and will sit on the board of directors. He'll share co-presidency duties with Safra… » 9/07/10 3:12am 9/07/10 3:12am