A Tiny Mobile Scanner You Don't Need a Steady Hand To Operate

Portable document scanners have existed for years, and you can even get models as small as a business card. The catch, however, is that you need to physically move the scanner across a document yourself, which often leads to mixed results. And that's why Doxie's new Flip is so wonderful; it's basically a tiny flatbed… » 11/06/13 1:20pm 11/06/13 1:20pm

Giant CT Scanners Reveal All the Gory Details of a Mangled Car Wreck

CT, or computed tomography, scans are to x-rays what 3D movies are to classic 2D flicks. But instead of being just some gimmick to lure patrons into a theater, CT scans result in 3D models that let doctors study internal medical conditions in amazing detail. But why stop there? Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute » 10/07/13 10:41am 10/07/13 10:41am

A Handheld 3D Scanner Could Let You Upload Your Whole World

3D printing is more popular and accessible than ever, and printers are on course to get even cheaper soon. But printing is only one side of the equation; what about taking 3D pictures? There's a convenient, handheld gadget in the works that could do just that, and way cheaper than anything else has before. » 7/31/13 3:32pm 7/31/13 3:32pm

The Government Uses License Plate Scanners to Track Your Every Move

Automatic license plate readers are the most widespread location tracking technology you’ve probably never heard of. Mounted on patrol cars or stationary objects like bridges, they snap photos of every passing car, recording their plate numbers, times, and locations. At first the captured plate data was used just to… » 7/17/13 12:45pm 7/17/13 12:45pm

Lomography's Smartphone Scanner Digitizes Film Right To Your Mobile…

Lomography has made sharing photos from a film camera a heck of a lot easier with its new Smartphone Scanner that's finally available from the company's online store. It replaces a desktop scanner and PC with a compact collapsible rig that uses your smartphone's camera to digitize negatives and slides. » 3/12/13 4:00pm 3/12/13 4:00pm

How QR Codes Work and Why They Suck So Hard

QR codes are a technology that desperately wants our attention. They appear everywhere from supermarket shelves and magazines to hiking trails and tombstones. Never heard of a QR code? You're looking at one right now. Scan the image at the top of this article, and it'll open a link to the mobile version...of this… » 12/18/12 2:20pm 12/18/12 2:20pm

Open Source Book Scanner Uses a Household Vacuum To Turn the Page

In an effort to streamline the process of scanning hundreds of millions of titles, Google Books engineer Dany Qumsiyeh has designed a $1,500 automated scanner from sheet metal, dissected electronics, and a household vacuum. It can chew through a 1,000 page odyssey in about 90 minutes, and you're welcome to build… » 11/13/12 5:20pm 11/13/12 5:20pm

Sheet Music Scanner Will Play Your Symphony Without an Orchestra

A group of researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University have developed a handheld scanner that's able to read sheet music and play back a composition in real-time whether it's designed for a piano, a guitar, or an entire symphony. So if it's ever commercialized, wannabe Mozarts and Beethovens will always have an… » 11/09/12 8:39am 11/09/12 8:39am

Bending Over Backwards for the Broken Printer I Refuse to Replace

There are a lot of lazy ways I'll avoid dealing with one gadget problem or another: I stream all my TV shows through my iPad, because I can't get around to setting up the 17" Sony that's been boxed up in my closet since I moved apartments last summer. When one lamp stops working—and I don't mean the bulb goes out, I… » 5/02/12 8:20pm 5/02/12 8:20pm

Doxie Go Scanner: Yes, This Thing Is Actually Cool

Imagine a lightweight, battery-powered scanner with on-board storage that can function without a computer. No, we're not talking about some far-fetched gizmo Q might throw in the trunk of Bond's Aston Martin. We're talking about Apparent's Doxie Go, a real-world device you can sink your teeth into for $199. It only… » 3/20/12 4:00pm 3/20/12 4:00pm

Did the TSA Ignore Early X-Ray Scanner Cancer Risks?

The FDA, which regulates medical technology, has long opposed large-scale X-ray machine deployment, arguing that people shouldn't be irradiated without a direct medical benefit. So how did 250 X-ray "backscatter" scanners, which potentially increase cancer rates, land in American airports? Because the TSA insists… » 11/02/11 3:40am 11/02/11 3:40am