Laser-Cut Scarfs. Verdict: Fashion and Laser Beams FTW!

Taking the words out of your mouth, and wrapping them round your neck: These scarfs are typographic wonders, and they're cut by frickin' laser beams! And that's just cool. Made from microfiber suede, they're available in Uppercase, Lowercase and Numbers styles and in off-white and black. They may be fashionable,… » 6/19/08 11:20am 6/19/08 11:20am

Anti-EMF Scarf Protects Against Cellphone Radiation

Handy Fashions is selling a series of scarves that incorporate a technology that supposedly blocks out the harmful radiation caused by cellphones. Available in a variety of sizes, the scarves are also designed to complement your wardrobe with its hip, silvery finish and sensible, old lady spirit. The shielding is so… » 7/31/06 10:46am 7/31/06 10:46am