The real Scarface mansion is now for sale in California

The real mansion from Scarface—the iconic Brian de Palma movie starring Al Pacino as drug lord Tony Montana—has hit the property market and its location may be its biggest surprise after the $35m asking price: It is not in Miami at all but in California. Take this virtual tour of El Fureidis, as the property is called. »5/20/14 8:41pm5/20/14 8:41pm


Neon Scarface Rifle Lamp Threatens Consequences Beyond Tackiness

You may be tempted to buy the Neon Scarface Rifle Lamp, and you may even notice that it has an affordable $67 price tag. But we don't recommend the purchase because somewhere, deep beneath the Earth's crust, there lives a little mole-like man who keeps a very large list, and people who buy things like this lamp, Elvis… »11/05/08 3:15pm11/05/08 3:15pm