Sony's Crazy Interactive TV Patent Lets You Throw Tomatoes at Actors

Somehow we missed Sony Computer Entertainment America's fourth wall-breaking patent application earlier this month, but here's how the concept would work: Using a PS3, you'd control an on-screen avatar to throw tomatoes at actors, and even kick their ass…literally. » 11/17/09 2:35pm 11/17/09 2:35pm

Playstation Blacklists Kotaku for Responsible Journalism

Click to viewI once had a friend who was not only an alcoholic, but an angry alcoholic that would not only vomit all over himself, but would punch his friends and shout at them while he vomited all over them, too. Sony, you are helpful to us here at Giz. I might even say kind. But right now, as you ban sibling gaming… » 3/01/07 5:50pm 3/01/07 5:50pm