Your Skin Has a Sense of Smell, and Sandalwood Aroma Makes it Heal

Ready for some weird science? Some of the same olfactory sensing equipment that give your nose its sense of smell can be found in your skin cells. In other words, your skin has a sense of smell. And researchers have just figured out that your skin loves the scent of sandalwood—in fact, the aroma revs up your skin's… »7/12/14 5:00pm7/12/14 5:00pm

A "White Smell" Could Hide The Most Repellant of Odours

Imagine eternally odorless public restrooms, or stink-free changing rooms. Amazingly, researchers claim to have discovered what they're calling a "white smell"—an odor made up so many complex aromas that it's neither pleasant or foul-smelling, in no way overwhelming, and could be the most effective air-freshener ever. »11/20/12 9:03am11/20/12 9:03am

Would You Trust an Electronic Nose App to Diagnose Your Ills?

Well this is cool. A professor of chemistry at Caltech, Nate Lewis, is developing something called sensory vapor technology, in essence is an electronic way to sniff out bombs and certain illnesses and even something like Anthrax, avoiding any of the risks such scenarios would pose to an actual human-flesh nose. »5/10/12 10:20pm5/10/12 10:20pm

Nokia's Foldable Phone Concept Leaves Your Pocket Smelling Fresh

No doubt about it. Nokia's Scentsory cellphone concept looks like something you'd launch across the room aimed squarely at a friend's head. But this foldable cellie is a scent-enabled handheld (much like this one), which gives your nose a treat via its built-in pores. Open it up and you get a whiff of petunias, close… »5/21/07 6:20pm5/21/07 6:20pm