This Accessory Could Make the iPhone the World's First Smellophone

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a smell has to be worth at least a few hundred. And the next time you're chatting and come across a thought or sentiment that can't be expressed with an emoticon, maybe a specific scent could translate your feelings. At least that's what the creators of the ChatPerf are hoping. » 10/15/12 6:40pm 10/15/12 6:40pm

Pork Barrel BBQ Cologne Makes You Stink Like Hog Heaven

Throw away that musty old bacon cologne; there's a new eau de piglette here to make sweet porky love to your nostrils. Que, from Pork Barrel BBQ, was forged from the sweet crackling char of Mt. Oink. » 6/07/11 3:20pm 6/07/11 3:20pm

The Inspiration for Lady Gaga's New Perfume: Blood and Semen

We were trying to determine what Lady Gaga's forthcoming fragrance should smell like, but rumor has it she's decided. It will supposedly smell like blood and semen. Nasty, but I guess that's exactly what a bad romance smells like. » 1/26/11 2:21pm 1/26/11 2:21pm

I Don't Think The World is Ready For Aromatherapy Earphones

Hey, I love pleasing scents as much the next person, but I don't think people are quite ready for an MP3 player that pumps odors through your earbuds. Nonetheless, a group of designers has come up with that very idea and dubbed it "Sweet Honey." I highly doubt that you will see something like this on store shelves… » 7/31/08 4:40pm 7/31/08 4:40pm

Scent-Emitting LCD Display is Just Asking for Misuse

One would think that if a restaurant wanted to lure people inside with the smells of delicious food, they would do so by cooking delicious food. Not necessarily! In Tokyo, a company called Recruit Co. Ltd. is using scent-emitting LCD displays to entice people into eating at restaurants in the mall under Tokyo Station. » 7/28/08 3:40pm 7/28/08 3:40pm

Moto STNKR On The Way?

Those loveable patent sifters have discovered that Motorola, entering into some kind of twisted competition with Samsung and NTT Docomo, will consider development of its own "smell-o-phone." Motorola says its phone would heat up a packet of scented gel, presumably one that you're guaranteed to never grow sick of. It… » 4/13/07 11:05am 4/13/07 11:05am

Who Farted? Oh It's A Smell Tone!

Keitai KunKun have developed "smell tones" as the next-gen ringtone. Using the these smell tones, you simply set up the enclosed liquid to hang off your phone. When you get a call or message, instead of a ring, you can get a smell alerting you to pick up your phone. I don't see how this could be useful when your… » 11/10/05 12:28pm 11/10/05 12:28pm