Schlage's Bluetooth Lock Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Front Door Key

Even if you're the forgetful type who's always prone to losing their keys, there's a good chance your smartphone never gets misplaced. After all, how could you ever risk missing a single tweet or Instagram update? So Schlage is introducing a new electronic door lock called the Sense that adds Bluetooth alongside a… »1/06/15 9:00am1/06/15 9:00am

Schlage Z-Wave Door Locks Can Be Controlled Remotely Using Internet Magic

Schlage is planning on taking door lock security into the internet age with a new lineup of Z-Wave devices that can be locked, unlocked and monitored from a cellphone or other web enabled device. By connecting a Z-Wave gateway to any broadband router, users will be able to take complete control of up to 256… »5/19/08 6:20pm5/19/08 6:20pm