Bring This Ruler to a Rubber Band Fight

Classroom warfare is tough. You have teachers hounding your stash, cute girls to impress, punk kids coming up with punkier ways to punk you—basically a lot to worry about. That's why you need this rubberband shooting ruler. » 6/15/11 8:20pm 6/15/11 8:20pm

Doggy Style Pencil Sharpener Takes One for the Team

We are not sure how we missed this exquisite work of art when our beloved sisters at Jezebel displayed it not long ago, but we're just wondering where on earth such a pencil sharpener might've come from. Is this what it's come to? Certainly this is not how we treat our women here at the Giz. This kind of reminds us of… » 12/20/07 10:30am 12/20/07 10:30am

Binder with Built-In Speakers Makes School Even More Annoying

This binder with built-in speakers is set to drive any teacher that encounters it completely insane. I mean, you just know kids are going to use it to disrupt classes and generally be obnoxious. Nothing is funnier than interrupting math class with some tinny pop punk! Right guys?! » 2/05/07 10:49am 2/05/07 10:49am