Adventures in Conference Swag: GDC Attendees to Receive Free Android…

How's this for conference schwag? GDC attendees, meaning "speakers and conference associates," will be gifted their choice of a Motorola Droid or the Google Nexus One. If you're a fan of either phone, commence your jealous hatred now. [GDC via Joystiq] » 1/24/10 12:30pm 1/24/10 12:30pm

Schwag Sucks: Why We Aren't Doing a CES Schwag Giveaway

Last year at CES, we rounded up schwag every day to show you what crap people were handing out. This year, we didn't do it. We're also not doing some schwag giveaway. Why? Because schwag sucks, and we don't want to give free publicity to companies just because they had the bright idea to slap their logo on a cheap… » 1/10/08 4:18pm 1/10/08 4:18pm

Vista Launch Party Schwag Bag: Add It Up

I wish I could tell you that there was some kind of surprise announcement at the Windows Vista launch party tonight. But everything unfolded exactly as expected, like a PowerPoint presentation in the flesh. And everyone walked away with this large bag o' schwag, which was one of the main topics of conversation. » 1/29/07 10:52pm 1/29/07 10:52pm

Schwag Competition: AVN Edition

If you thought CES was the only expo giving away freebies this week, you were wrong. A short scouring of the Adult Entertainment Expo yielded a mound of goodies, most of which you (can't) see above. You'll find a full breakdown and uncensored goodness after the jump. » 1/11/07 4:30pm 1/11/07 4:30pm

Schwag Competition: Wednesday's Best

My multiple bags were already overflowing after Monday and Tuesday's treasure hunts, but I pressed on. See my handfuls of schwag from today, including gems from Alienware and Samsung, after the jump. » 1/10/07 10:14pm 1/10/07 10:14pm

Schwag Competition: Tuesday's Best

Another day at CES, another bag filled with stuff. If you missed Monday's loot, be sure to check it out now. Plenty of goodies including some sweet Vista love after the jump. » 1/09/07 10:45pm 1/09/07 10:45pm

Schwag Competition: Monday's Best

For some of the more serious journalists, CES is about emerging technologies, hands-on demos and social networking. For me, it's all about the schwag, the mountains of junk companies spend thousands of dollars on in order to draw innocent passersby in. I'll be showing you the best of the schwag I get my hands on each… » 1/08/07 10:32pm 1/08/07 10:32pm