Science Photographer Reveals Beauty of the Microscopic World

Linden Gledhill is a photographer with a background in biochemistry, and lately, he's been using his scientific training to make the microscopic world look absolutely breathtaking. » 3/22/15 3:00pm 3/22/15 3:00pm

The Forgotten History Of CGI

The roots of CGI lie in the first mechanical aids to drawing and painting. The earliest of these were developed to help solve a problem every artist has found to be sticky: perspective. » 5/31/14 5:57pm 5/31/14 5:57pm

Witness the Birth of a Snowflake

One of the more technically creative time lapses we've seen in a long while, Snowtime is a 2-minute "microscopic time-lapse" by Vyacheslav Ivanov that captures the mesmerizing bloom of budding ice crystals in all their hexagonal glory. » 2/22/14 6:55pm 2/22/14 6:55pm

Amazing close-up photos of snowflakes taken without a microscope

These are the best kinds of snowflakes: the kind that are under the lens of a camera and not piled up outside my door. A Russian photographer uses a set up he made himself to take these photos. See more below! » 12/08/13 4:46pm 12/08/13 4:46pm

The Strangest Installations and Art Projects on Earth

"If someone ever catches you burying a murder victim," an eerily confident artist once told us, "quickly reassure them that it's for an art project. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it's enough to get them quickly off your case."

Art pieces like these are why that advice rings so true. » 7/28/13 6:19pm 7/28/13 6:19pm