Funk in the Glass: The Ups and Downs of Wild Microbes in Beer

Funky, floral, complex. No, this is not a description of a piece of vintage wallpaper. These are some of the words that are used to describe the enormous variety that exists within the world of beer. Whether you are enjoying the outdoors on a sunny day or sitting by the fire on a cold, winter night, there is a beer to… » 7/27/15 5:45am Today 5:45am

Can You Solve Isaac Newton's Tree Puzzle?

This week’s puzzle is not about gravity, though you’d be excused for suspecting as much. After all, when most people read “Isaac Newton” and “tree” in the same sentence, they think also of falling apples. But this week’s puzzle, which is widely attributed to Newton, is actually an exercise in orderly arboriculture. » 7/26/15 4:20pm Yesterday 4:20pm

Climate Change Doomed the Mammoths

Humans are pretty good at mucking up the Earth, whether we’re warming the climate, leveling the rainforest, or driving wild animals extinct. But climate change, at least, was wreaking havoc long before we got involved. For instance, it’s looking very likely that global warming, rather than human spears, doomed Earth’s… » 7/24/15 4:40pm Friday 4:40pm

What happens when you put a coin into a block of dry ice

Everything starts shaking and the coin starts to dances around and vibrate and it looks like it’s trying to escape the block of dry ice in a fit of fury. The ol’ science experiment is always fun to see because everything reacts so quickly. What’s actually happening is that the coin warms up the dry ice turning it back… » 7/24/15 1:56pm Friday 1:56pm

"Recipe for Meth" Among Evidence Found in Suspected Federal Meth Lab

Investigators say evidence recovered from an explosion Saturday at the National Institute of Standards and Technology near Washington, D.C. is consistent with the production of methamphetamine. The evidence? “Pseudoephedrine, drain opener, and a recipe for methamphetamine.” » 7/23/15 6:35pm Thursday 6:35pm