Which Animals Did Nuclear Scientists Pick to Represent the Entire World?

In the 1940s, scientists came up with a “Standard Man” or “Reference Man” to help explain what different radiation exposures would do to a human. That was expanded to the Reference Woman and Reference Child. Now there is a small group of Reference Animals. Learn what made the cut.
»10/01/15 11:10amThursday 11:10am

How Lord Byron's Scandals Led Ada Lovelace To Become A Mathematician

Ada Lovelace is now most famously known as the mother of computer science, but during her lifetime, she was also well known on account of her famous father: Lord Byron. Although Ada never met her father, his scandalous behavior had a profound effect on how she was raised — on a strict diet of mathematics. »4/17/15 11:35am4/17/15 11:35am

These Scientific Names Were Chosen Purely To Insult Certain People

What is the best way to make sure your insult lasts a really, really long time? Well, if you're a scientist who has the pleasure of naming a newly described genus or species, you might be able to get away with inserting your insult into biological nomenclature. After the rise of modern taxonomy, a few people did… »3/13/15 5:06pm3/13/15 5:06pm