84 year science experiment finally sees results after years of nothing

Since 1930, there has been a science experiment that basically does nothing. Seriously. Scientists watch as a solid—that's actually a liquid 230 billion times more viscous than water—drips down a glass container. But that takes time. A lot of time with a whole lot of nothing. For the past 84 years, the blob of tar has… » 4/18/14 8:32pm Today 8:32pm

NASA Chinese Scientist Was Accused of Being a Spy Because...Porn

If you work at NASA, there are a few things you should never ever do. The first: never be Chinese and bring your NASA-issued laptop to China because they'll think you're a Chinese spy exposing secrets. The second: if you do bring your NASA-issued laptop to China, don't download porn on your NASA-issued laptop. Chinese… » 5/02/13 11:40pm 5/02/13 11:40pm

NASA Denies Scientist's Claim of Finding Alien Life

We've already seen Richard B. Hoover's claim of finding alien life get debunked. Now NASA, whom Hoover once worked for, is disavowing his report as well, saying no one supports Hoover's claims. Apparently, to them, there's a lot of stuff there but not too much science. [AP] » 3/08/11 2:55pm 3/08/11 2:55pm