Seeing scissors get made by hand is just so mesmerizing

You'll get lost watching him work. I definitely did. Cliff Denton is a 'putter' for Ernest Wright & Sons, the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors there is, and he literally puts together scissors with his hands. He's a master at it. Watching him work is mesmerizing and satisfying to see. It's basically art. »7/01/14 1:00am7/01/14 1:00am

Swappable Blades Let These Snips Cut Through Almost Anything

When you're working near your toolbox, keeping an assortment of snips within easy reach for various tasks is a great way to stay productive. But when you're working someplace your toolbox can't go, like at the top of a ladder, Crescent's new Switchblade snips are a better option letting you carry a single handle with… »1/20/14 7:00pm1/20/14 7:00pm

These Scissors' Grooved Handle Makes Them Safer To Use as a Knife

At one point or another, who of us hasn't risked losing a finger by opening a pair of scissors and using them as a quick, impromptu knife? It turns out they're a pretty good way to open taped boxes without horribly slicing what's inside, so Quirky took the idea and created a pair of scissors called the Sheath that's… »7/15/13 2:40pm7/15/13 2:40pm

Where Were You Hundreds Of Birthdays and Christmases Ago Tape Scissors?

It's obvious why these brilliant scissors with a built-in tape dispenser aren't available in every office supply store in the country. They want you to have to buy both products separately—increasing the store's profits while you sit at home fumbling your way through another botched attempt at wrapping gifts. »4/14/12 8:00pm4/14/12 8:00pm

Cut Coupons, Serve Pies, Lose Respect With Pizza Scissors

Does the act of cutting up a pizza vex you to no end? Do you find yourself with numerous nicks and cuts on your palms because you constantly use the wrong end of a pizza cutter to slice pies? Lucky for you, there's pizza scissors. The manufacterer claims the $20 shears-and-spatula design won't damage plates or trays… »7/26/08 3:00pm7/26/08 3:00pm

BBG Perfect Gadget List Shows That Tech Can't Improve Everything

BBG has done an impressive thing: It came up with a list of 10 perfect gadgets, unchanged by time or tech. No need to build the better mousetrap, because the tried and true mousetrap made the list. So did the wristwatch, the toilet and scissors. I don't agree with the inclusion of the toaster (I prefer a toaster… »7/01/08 8:00pm7/01/08 8:00pm

Real-Life Edward Scissorhands Cuts Hair With 10 Scissors At Once

Sorry, Johnny Depp. You were great in the original Edward Scissorhands, but this real life maestro of the blades from Israel puts your whole emo trip through suburbia to shame. And while hairdresser Danny Bargil lacks the hotness of a sidekick like Winona Ryder, and he can't kill a man with his bare feet a la Adam… »5/11/08 10:00am5/11/08 10:00am